List of accepted papers

Accepted Long Papers
Naoko Tosa, Ryohei Nakatsu and Pan Yunian. Genesis: New Media Art Created as a Visualization of Fluid Dynamics
Yuki Kubo, Hirobumi Tomita, Shuta Nakamae, Takayuki Hoshi and Yoichi Ochiai. Bubble Clouds: 3D Form Display Composed of Soap Bubble Cluster
Naomi Furui, Katsuhiro Suzuki, Yuta Sugiura and Maki Sugimoto. SofTouch: Turning Soft Objects into Touch Interfaces by Detachable Photo Sensor Modules
Guilherme Alves, Erica Mourão, Leonardo Torok, Daniela Trevisan, Anselmo Montenegro and Esteban Clua. Understanding User Experience with Game Controllers: A Case Study with an Adaptive Smart Controller and a Traditional Gamepad
Yan Zhao, Yuta Sugiura, Mitsunori Tada and Jun Mitani. InsTangible: A Tangible User Interface Combining Pop-up Cards with Conductive Ink Printing
Helio Silva Neto, Joaquim Cerejeira and Licinio Roque. Serious Games for Cognitive Assessment with Older Adults: A Preliminary Study
Mikel Polzer and Helmut Hlavacs. Designing Game-Based Interventions for Subverting Normative Attitudes
Helio Silva Neto, Joaquim Cerejeira and Licinio Roque. Evaluating a Serious Game for Cognitive Stimulation and Assessment with Older Adults: the Sorting Sheep game
Letizia Jaccheri. SikkerhetsLøypa - knowledge toward sustainable and secure paths of creative and critical digital skills
Sila Temsiririrkkul, Naoyuki Sato, Kenta Nakagawa and Kokolo Ikeda. Survey of how human players divert the original actions of a game for other purposes: towards human-like computer players.
Nuno Barreto, Rui Craveirinha and Licinio Roque. Designing a Believability Scale for Videogame Creature Assessment
Natsumi Mori and Takehito Utsuro. Generating the Expression of the Move of Go by Classifier Learning
Michael Lankes, Daniel Rammer and Bernhard Maurer. Eye Contact: Gaze as a Connector between Players and Spectators in Online Games
Shuo Xiong, Long Zuo and Hiroyuki Iida. Possible Interpretations for Game Refinement Measure
Accepted Short Papers
Vinicius Pereira and Cristiano Maciel. A literary analysis of poems automatically produced by Peter's Haiku Generator
Kazuhisa Akimoto and Junichi Hoshino. RoughON : A Portable Music Sketch Production System by Real Time Input of Melody
Maximilian Stolze and Helmut Hlavacs. InvisibleSound: An app enabling blind people to compose music
Fumiya Hara, Yoshinari Takegawa and Keiji Hirata. Design and Implementation of a Voice Feedback Device for Voice Loudness Control
Akino Umezawa, Yoshinari Takegawa and Keiji Hirata. e2-Mask: Design And Implementation of a Mask-type Display to Support Face-to-Face Communication
Nozomu Yahata and Kaoru Sumi. An Interactive Digital Storytelling System with “What If” Functions
Laura Giarre', Ilenia Tinnirello and Letizia Jaccheri. In.Line: a navigation game for visually impaired people
Nobumitsu Shikine, Toshimasa Yamanaka and Junichi Hoshino. A Game System for Learning Mathematics with Pacing Considering Individual Motivation and Feeling
Shogo Hirai and Kaoru Sumi. Visual-Effect Dictionary for Converting Words into Visual Images
Duy Huynh, Phuc Luong, Hiroyuki Iida and Razvan Beuran. Design and Evaluation of a Cybersecurity Awareness Training Game
Shunki Shimizu and Kaoru Sumi. Sports Training System for Situational Judgment Improvement by Reliving First Person Viewpoint
Ioana Stanescu, Antoniu Stefan and Jannicke Madeleine Baalsrud Hauge. Exploring pervasive entertainment games to construct learning paths
Kazuma Nagata, Denik Hatsushika and Yuki Hashimoto. Virtual Scuba Diving System Utilizing Sense of Weightlessness Underwater
Yuto Sugita, Keiichi Zempo, Koichi Mizutani and Naoto Wakatsuki. The Alteration of Gustatory Sense by Virtual Chromatic Transition of Food Items
Jan Smeddinck, Dmitry Alexandrovsky, Dirk Wenig, Michel Zimmer, Waldemar Wegele, Sylvia Juergens and Rainer Malaka. Hoverboard: A Leap to the Future of Locomotion in VR!?
Felix Born and Maic Masuch. Masking Distracting Ambient Sound in an Adaptive VR-Application to Increase Presence
Riho Kurotaki, Yoshinari Takegawa and Keiji Hirata. Proposal of an Erasure-Oriented Drawing Style to Develop the Ability to Copy Images
Long Zuo, Shuo Xiong and Hiroyuki Iida. An Analysis of DOTA2 using Game Refinement Measure
Nobutane Hanayama and Ryuichi Nogami. A method for illustrating shogi postmortems using results of statistical analysis of Kifu data
Michael Williams, Anurag Sarkar and Seth Cooper. Predicting Human Computation Game Scores with Player Rating Systems
Amir Zaib Abbasi, Ding Hooi Ting and Helmut Hlavacs. Playful-Consumption Experience in Digital Game Playing: A Scale Development
Jacques Barnard, Gunther Drevin and Magda Huisman. A framework to determine the suitability of software development methodologies for the development of location-based games
Masahiro Narahara, Kohei Matsumura, Roberto Lopez-Gulliver and Haruo Noma. Vetrina Attori: Scene Seek Support System Focusing on Characters in Video
Accepted Poster/Interactive Papers
Yuki Hatori, Shuang Wu, Youchao Lin and Takehito Utsuro. Mining Preferences on Identifying Werewolf Players from Werewolf Game Logs
Teguh Budianto, Hyunwoo Oh, Yi Ding, Zi Long and Takehito Utsuro. Identifying Rush Strategies Employed in StarCraft II Using Support Vector Machines
Jong-Chul Yoon, Jong-Sung Hong and In Seob Yoon. Distorted Cartogram Visualization for Travelers
Jongchul Yoon, In Seob Yoon and Jong-Sung Hong. Naturalized motion generator for NPC in 3D game
Yuki Ueda and Junichi Hoshino. Reorientation Method to Suppress Simulator Sickness in Home Video Game Using HMD
Kei Kobayashi and Junichi Hoshino. Augmented Reality Media for Cultural Experience in Shrines
Jaryd Urbani, Mohammed Alsada, Shubhankar Ranade, Tatsuo Nakajima and Mingshu Zhang. WAR Bots: Combining Virtual and Augmented Realities for an Immersive and Enjoyable Gaming Experience.
Taisei Kurihara, Luo Li, Masanori Ishida and Junichi Hoshino. Japanese Anime Production Support System with Digital Storyboards
Kazuki Ookawara, Hayaki Kawata, Masahumi Muta, Soh Masuko, Takehito Utsuro and Jun'Ichi Hoshino. Deep Photo Rally: Let’s Gather Conversational Pictures
Letizia Jaccheri. The Little Doormaid: A literature review toward a video game about mentoring, social innovation and technology
Hayaki Kawata, Kazuki Ookawata, Masahumi Muta, Soh Masuko and Jun'Ichi Hochino. Lifestyle Agent : The Chat-oriented Dialogue System for Lifestyle management
Syoichiro Ota, Hayaki Kawata, Masafumi Muta, Soh Masuko and Jun'Ichi Hoshino. AniReco : Japanese Anime Recommendation System
Toshiaki Takita, Kazuhisa Akimoto and Junichi Hoshino. Reading Aloud Training Game for Children with Auto Evaluation of Oral Reading Fluency
Rina Kotake, Kazuma Kimura, Akiko Kawabata, Go Sato, Momoka Shiohara, Junichi Hoshino. AirMeet: Communication Support System by Temporarily Sharing Personal Information for Social Gathering
Rina Kotake and Junichi Hoshino. Make-up Support System Based on the Colors of Favorite Image
Motoi Okuzono, Masafumi Muta, Soh Masuko, Hayaki Kawata and Jun’ichi Hoshino. Tourist Spot Recommendation System with Image Selection Interface
Yu Ishikawa, Yuko Furudate and Junichi Hoshino. TamaPeeler: An Interactive Cooking Tool for Children’s Dietary Education
Minkyu Choi and Junichi Hoshino. Karaoke Entertainment Character Based on User Behavior Recognition
Tomoki Kajinami and Kazuya Hasegawa. Watching support system by annotation displaying according to fighting game situations
Motoi Okuzono, Masafumi Muta, Soh Masuko, Hayaki Kawata and Jun’ichi Hoshino. Partner Character Attracting Consumers To Real Stores
Hisanao Nakadai, Takuya Hirano and Jun’ichi Hoshino. Real-time Expression Control System for Wearable Animatronics
Mitsuru Nakazawa, Jiu Xu and Soh Masuko. Delivering Active Fashion Advertisement to Potential Viewers
Masahumi Muta and Soh Masuko. Zapzap: Table Top Device Which Presents the Contents of The Book Vaguely to Support Browsing Books in the Bookstore
Kelvin Cheng, Mitsuru Nakazawa and Soh Masuko. MR-Shoppingu: Physical Interaction with Augmented Retail Products using Continuous Context Awareness
Yasuo Kawai. Creating a Regional and Historical Streetscape Simulation System
Monami Takahashi, Hiroki Tanaka, Hayato Yamana and Tatsuo Nakajima. Virtual Co-Eating: Making Solitary Eating Experience More Enjoyable
Yeongnam Chae and Daniel Crane. Rapid Finger Motion Tracking on Low-Power Mobile Environments for Large Screen Interaction
Audun Grom, Gabrielle Hansen and George Adrian Stoica. Gamifying Experiences with use of a Peer learning Assessment System: A combination of two different research traditions to promote student learning.
Eric Nelson Bailey and Kazunori Miyata. Analyzing Video Game Completion Achievements: Implications for Game Project Scope
Takuro Watanabe, Yuta Sugiura, Natsuki Miyata, Koji Fujita, Akimoto Nimura and Maki Sugimoto. DanceDanceThumb: Tablet App for Rehabilitation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Yu Ishikawa and Junichi Hoshino. Position Estimation of Finger on Back of Hand with a Small Distance Ranging Sensor Array
Koki Yamashita, Yuta Sugiura, Takashi Kikuchi and Maki Sugimoto. DecoTouch: Turning the Forehead as Input Surface for Head Mounted Display